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  • Colostrum Powder
    Episode 1 Colostrum is a dairy-based superfood with major health benefits, from boosting gut health to dealing with osteoporosis and inflammation. Today, we look at what it is, where to source it, how it helps & how to have it.  What is colostrum? What is leaky gut? Does colostrum powder heal the gut? Colostrum, constipation … Read more
  • Inositol – Learn how it helps in PCOS and PCOD by Lovneet Batra
    Inositol – Learn how it helps in PCOS and PCOD by Lovneet Batra Episode 2 Inositol – a word you may have come across if you have PCOS, PCOD, anxiety or depression. But what is it? How does it affect us? When should you take it? And what are the best sources? Find out in … Read more
  • What and How to Eat and Manage PCOS and PCOD by Lovneet Batra
    Episode 3 summary PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that manifests in different ways in women. And during COVID, stress & excess screen time can make things worse. Here’s advice on the right diet, exercise & wellness tips to follow to manage your PCOS. Notes What is PCOS?‍ How to manage hormonal imbalances during COVID‍ Signs … Read more
  • Learn about Coffee and Thyroid from Lovneet Batra
    Episode 10 Is coffee making your thyroid worse? It does provide the perfect energy boost to start your day – but if you have hypothyroidism, you need to cut back on the caffeine. Here’s why. Podcast show notes ‍ Hello everyone. This is Lovneet Batra, your health expert and clinical nutritionist and you’re listening to … Read more
  • Health Benefits of Cashew Apple by Lovneet Batra
    Episode 5 Summary Cashew apples are native to our country and have a whole host of benefits that you should include in your diet. Listen to know more about Cashew Apples and its Benefits. Notes Cashew apples: what they are, how they look + taste‍ Health benefits of cashew apples‍ Nutrients found in cashew apples‍ … Read more

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