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Been a regular since one year, it was great experience. Lost almost 8.5kg weight. Nothing difficult to achieve but we have to be regular. Diet prescribed is normal, nothing out of the way, suggest to weight losers to join the program and to be regular. Weekly interaction with Ms.Lovneet is the most desirable and essential.

Coming to you meant crushing my ego. I always thought working out would make me get back into shape.. I tried for six months and then got stuck.. I came to you and said this was my first visit to the dietician as I’ve a big foodie and yet to keep my weight in control. My target was to wear a bikini one month post the diet. It worked.. I dropped 2.5kgs in the very first week and a total of 6kgs before I hit the sandy beaches of Koh Sammi. I was not aware that this diet will help me get rid of the fat, bring a glow to my face, and yet keep my system in control altogether, of course, working out helps me a lot to maintain my figure and Lovneet helped and pushed me too.

Thank you for helping me in a diet and in nutrition plans. After struggling with weight and health issues for years, I finally feel confident and in control when it comes to food. I have lost several inches and a few kilos and packed on some muscle with your nutritional advice. You are always reachable and friendly and never get angry despite the ups and downs of the weighing scale. I also appreciate all your help with my dad and especially in controlling his diabetes. More than just numerical weight or inches, you have helped me think strategically of long term about my health and nutrition. My whole mind set has changed from dieting to eating right. Wish you the very best and continued success.

It’s has pleasure for me to have gotten a chance to meet Lovneet. In the very first meeting, I understood that I was in a right place. After following her diet for a fortnight, I was in disbelief that as my body was changing dramatically. All I felt was that she is no less than a magician. Getting to eat all my favourite foods, getting to work out the way I wanted to, and getting to see the results from uncomplicated food habits, the journey so far has been indeed exhilarating. I hated my food choices before meeting her, but now have realised that just food, one can love in with one’s body, mind, soul and all things fall in place. I am a lot happier than before, have a positive attitude and a more in touch with my inner self. While everybody told me that I wasn’t losing weight because of inflammation, it was only she who told me I didn’t have any of that and fortunately I have been able to eliminate all those negative beliefs about my body. Hastly, I am very happy and proud to say that the “Lov” in Lovneet’s name is rightly placed. She is indeed very patient and full of love. I am thankful, l to her for being present at all times to solve my queries and for giving me the kind of results, I wanted to achieve.

“Been a regular for one year, it was a great experience. Lost almost 8.5kg weight. Nothing difficult to achieve but we have to be regular. Diet prescribed is normal, nothing out of the way, suggest weight losers to join the program and to be regular. Weekly interaction with Ms.Lovneet is the most desirable and essential.”


I have been to many dieticians, the same issue- get tired of the food given and eventually leave it mid-way.

And someone told us about Lovneet. I saw my sister-in-law losing weight, my husband losing weight, I wouldn’t have been left behind.

I started with all the stubborn fat, which never left me all this time in spite of visiting the gym. Now I love myself, I saw numbers on my weighing scale that I hadn’t seen for the past 2 years. Keeping my fingers crossed, who knows. I might just become ‘size zero’ soon.

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Motherhood is special and it starts way before you conceive your child and self care at every step is highly important for you and in future for the baby. 

Why should I join the Nutrition By Lovneet  Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutrition Program

At Nutrition By Lovneet we take over all your nutrition needs during this journey and we guide you through the process designed according to your specific  health, needs, and preferences. 

We start off by assessing your physical health based on your blood reports and medical prescriptions. Based on your underlying medical conditions ( if any) we first design a program to heal and manage those, all the while putting you on a meal plan that will nourish your body and will provide optimal nutrition and strength for the new life inside you. 

Care at every trimester 

Lactation diet that helps to get back in shape while feeding. Also foods for proper lactation and recovery 

What You Get

4 personal consultations with Lovneet Batra or Qualified Nutritionist trained under Ms Batra

– Custom designed no deprivation weekly meal plans aimed at aiding your prescribed medicinal routine at every step. 

-Our meals are designed to enhance and speed up your healing process naturally

-Healthy, gradual weight loss  under a closely monitored health program.

-Strengthening and nourishing meals that support child and mother’s health

What is Nutrition By Lovneet’s nutrition philosophy?

We believe the Indian kitchen, Indian wisdom  is a treasure trove of miracles that have been ignored and we intend to bring indigenous wisdom back into everyone’s lives. 

We encourage you to constantly ask us questions and seek as much logic as you need to so that you are able to understand the impact of the efforts you are ultimately putting in for your body. 

What are the services included in this package?

Weekly personalised, no deprivation, palatable meal plans

Dietary assessment

Lifestyle management

Healthy Eat Outs

Travel Diets

Behaviour Modification

Habit Formation

Strength Building 

Will I be consulting Lovneet directly? 

Yes, if you are opting for the package with Lovneet Batra’s personal guidance, you will be speaking to Ms Batra herself for consultations.  Weekly follow ups will be taken by the team and diets will be personally set by Ms Batra. 

What is the difference between consultations with Lovneet and the one with the nutritionists on board with Nutrition By Lovneet.

The nutritionists in Nutrition By Lovneet have been personally trained by Lovneet Batra and all custom designed weekly meal plans are closely supervised and formulated by Ms Batra. The weekly consultations and follow ups in this package will be taken by the  allocated nutritionist.


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