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Meal plans designed to counter specific aliments and boosting nutrition.

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Immunity in  the human body is described as  that balanced state of multicellular biological defence that is ready to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy, and autoimmune diseases.

Over the years, our immune system is determined by what and how we eat, how we exercise, how we lead our life, and it is erroneous to believe that immunity can be built overnight.

What happens in a Nutrition By Lovneet Immunity Building Program?

The NBL Immunity building program is spread out over weeks where we assess your body’s existing resistance to diseases and other imbalances by diving deep into your habits, lifestyles and professional life. 

 4 personal consultations with Lovneet Batra 

Customised weekly, no deprivation focussed meal plans 

Learn all about  having your favorite dishes while eliminating all foods that can aggravate inflammation in your body. Inflammation reduces the efficacy of the immunity building exercise. 

-Closely monitored  meal plans  set keeping all your favorite cuisines in mind, with modifications in food combinations. 

-Change the way you look and feel about your body

– Heal with food that is attuned to your culture and lifestyle and is very light on your pocket and your body.

-Strengthening and nourishing meals focused on repairing your relationship with food 

What is Nutrition By Lovneet’s nutrition philosophy?

We believe the Indian kitchen, indian wisdom  is a treasure trove of miracles that have been ignored and we intend to bring indigenous wisdom back into everyone’s lives. 

We encourage you to constantly ask us questions and seek as much logic as you need to so that you are able to understand the impact of the efforts you are ultimately putting in for your body. 

What are the services included in this package?

Weekly personalised, no deprivation, palatable meal plans

Dietary assessment

Lifestyle management

Healthy Eat Outs

Travel Diets

Behaviour Modification

Habit Formation

Strength Building 

Will I be consulting Lovneet directly? 

Yes, if you are opting for the package with Lovneet Batra’s personal guidance, you will be speaking to Ms Batra herself for consultations.  Weekly follow ups will be taken by the team and diets will be personally set by Ms Batra. 

What is the difference between consultations with Lovneet and the one with the nutritionists on board with Nutrition By Lovneet.

The nutritionists in Nutrition By Lovneet have been personally trained by Lovneet Batra and all custom designed weekly meal plans are closely supervised and formulated by Ms Batra. The weekly consultations and follow ups in this package will be taken by the  allocated nutritionist.


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