Get rid of cellulite, naturally

Get rid of cellulite, naturally

Sooner or later, everyone is going to experience it at some point in life. It’s totally common and natural. ‘Cellulite’ is absolutely democratic in nature. It is impartial in the sense that it troubles all (almost) as little over 90 percent of women around the world have it. While there is nothing wrong with having it, most of us want to get rid of because it looks unpleasant. But besides being the most common beauty problems that women face, it is also the most stubborn one. Comfortably sitting around our thighs, butts, and bellies, it’s no ordinary issue to deal with.

So what exactly is cellulite? The dimpled, cottage cheese-like texture that appears on your thighs, butt and stomach is called cellulite. Most importantly, it’s not a disease. Women are more affected by it than men simply because the distribution of fat, connective tissue and muscles is different in both. While fat cells and collagen fibers are intertwined in men, these two are parallel in women, making the subcutaneous tissue less stable. But it isn’t like that it would never affect men. When suffering from a lack of androgens, men can also show signs of cellulite. Cellulite starts making an appearance on your skin once you cross 20.

Getting rid of cellulite is no cakewalk. Honestly, there is no quick fix. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be helpful in making cellulite less noticeable. This means exercising, a well balanced diet, plenty of water, and no smoking. There is also a misconception that losing weight helps in getting rid of cellulite. This is so not true. Cellulite has nothing to do with weight. Some of the common causes of cellulite are hormones, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, inactivity, weight gain, pregnancy, and accumulated toxins. These apart, there are plenty of the other treatments also available for cellulite. From dry brushes and foam rollers to body wraps, massages, and laser treatments, there are several products out there that can help with minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Eating right definitely is the easiest, most effective, and doesn’t cost much. We have curated a list of foods, home remedies and exercises that can help make cellulite less noticeable:

7 Foods that fight Cellulite

1. Sip some Saffron Tea
According to research studies, saffron has anti-inflammatory and fat-burning properties that help dull the appearance of cellulite. A pinch of saffron is enough to reduce appetite and increase blood flow between tissues. The increased blood flow helps increase the subcutaneous muscles and as a result remove the cellulite.

2. Hello Hummus
Known for its low glycemic index, Hummus can be used to produce energy in the body. Low glycemic foods help with less fat storage, and therefore, less buildup of cellulite. Hummus also makes it appear smoother.

3. Sauté your Bell Peppers
Rich in vitamin B6, bell peppers restore and fortify connective tissue, making them a lethal weapon to blast unwanted cellulite. These also help your body burn calories, which aids in fat loss.

4. Crack some Nuts & Flaxseeds
Both nuts and flax seeds pack a nutritional punch that is hard to get in any other food. With tons of vitamin B6, zinc, and potassium, which are known to be lump-fighters. These help reduce bloating as well as appearance of cellulite

5. Dive into a bowl of Watermelon
A perfect summer delight, watermelon scores is one of the most hydrating foods that you can easily have. Loaded with antioxidants, it helps the body flush out toxins. It also boosts blood circulation, which ultimately has an impact on cellulite.

6. Try Turmeric Latte
It is called ‘golden milk’ for a reason. It has got golden benefits. Turmeric gets its bright yellow color from a chemical known as ‘curcumin’, which has shown the ability to reduce free radical damage and fat deposits in the body. It enhances skin tautness too.

7. Experience the Wonders of Water
When you are dehydrated, cellulite will be more visible. The body cells need a good amount of water for metabolic processes to flush out the toxins. You can aim for 4 liters of water daily.

5 Easy Natural Remedies to beat Cellulite

1. Body Brushing before going to bed
Let the body work on the cellulite while you are asleep. Enhance lymphatic drainage with daily body brushing at night. It helps eliminate toxins that can deposit in the fat layer, leading to inflammation and ultimately more visible cellulite. Do it on dry skin and finish off with a creamy moisturizer.

2. Body massage
A good massage relaxes the nerves, calms the mind, and reduces cellulite. It improves lymphatic drainage that works well for cellulite reduction. There are special cellulite massages available at various spas.

3. Collagen Peptide Supplements
Collagen strengthens connective tissues of the skin and thus, fights cellulite. Research has shown that specific collagen peptides supplement can tackle the cellulite by restoring the normal structure of subcutaneous tissue. It is advisable to consult your physician or nutritionist before taking the supplement.

4. Omega-3 supplements
A few of the common causes of the appearance of cellulite are inflammation, water retention and swelling. A daily dose of omega-3 can help reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of cellulite. The fatty acids also help boost circulation, lower cholesterol, and high blood pressure. All of these benefits keep your skin’s cell walls healthier and as a result, you are less likely to develop cellulite.

5. Copper & Zinc Rich foods
Collagen and elastin are made up of amino acids such as glycine and proline. Copper and zinc help in the production of collagen. These two also improve elasticity and connective tissue strength. Make sure you include these in your daily diet – nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, and spirulina.

3 Power Moves that help prevent Cellulite

Strengthening your muscles is probably the best game plan against cellulite

1. Squats – 6 times a week
As you squeeze your glutes to get back up, squats strengthen your upper thigh and butt.

2. Surya Namaskar 6 times a week
Though it’s a full body workout, it wonderfully stretches and tones the muscles of arms, hips, and thighs, minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

3. Strength Training 2 times a week
Focus on strength training to build up the hamstrings, quads, buttocks, and hips.

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