Glowing Skin From ‘Kitchen Waste’? Is That Even Possible?

Did you know the overripe banana is more beneficial for your skin than the creams you apply to hydrate and soften your driest spots? How much does that cream cost? Compare it with the overripe banana that you just threw away. 

In shock? 

Really there’s no need to be surprised! It happens to the best of us. Skincare is easy and really very inexpensive if you know where to look for the healers. 

Stuff you think is bad or waste from your fruit and veggies , or the stuff your throw away because you think you cannot consume it, is really stuff that goes into some of your most expensive skincare products! 

Ok that may be slightly exaggerated but here’s a list of  things that you think are ‘ kitchen waste’  but really skin saviours! And they’ll save your pocket from burning that big hole too! 

Banana Peels: 

Banana peel is rich in potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Make a mask out of the banana peels to arrest wrinkles, acnes, and to get  fresh looking skin. 

Rubbing the inside of the  banana peels on teeth  are said to promote whitening . 

Potato Peels skin chips:

The presence of choline in the potato  peel gives our our nervous system  the required amount 

of  choline to boost memory, mood and muscle control. 

The peels also have potassium, magnesium,phospohorus,  vitamin b6 and folate which boost bone health.

They also contain a flavonoid called quercetin, which is known for its stimulation of the immune system and has been shown to have antiviral properties that may inhibit histamine release. 

Wash the potatoes thoroughly if you want to have them with peels. You can bake them with the peel or use the peels to make chips ( baked ofcourse)! 

Watermelon Rind: 

It is a rich source of citrulline. Aphrodisiac, helps in weight loss, effective in UTI’s, maintains blood pressure and anti-inflammatory in nature.nature. 

You can make a very delicious sabzi out of the white part as well.

Orange Peels: 

Use it as a body scrub  with sugar , or a skin vitalizer with butter, or for teeth whitening, Orange peels rule! 

Just take the peels and let them dry in the sun for about 5-7 days till they are crisp. Grind them into a powder and mix with  sugar or malai or butter  for your skin while bathing. You can use it as a gentle facewash. Make sure you dont rub it onto your skin too much! 

Cauliflower Stem Veggie:

They contain more fiber and vitamin C. Cook them into a light sabzi and get your fibre for the day!

Papaya Seeds: 

Natural Exfoliator,Eliminates dead skin, reduces acne scars, deep cleaning of skin and glow. How to use it: wash the seeds and churn them in a grinder. Add rose water and churn one more time. Apply on a clean face for 10 minutes. Scrub it and wash with normal water.

Avocado peel:

Rub the inside of the avocado peel to get the buttery goodness onto your skin and soften it. Avocado is also said to be good for the eyes so you can take the inside of the peel and lightly rub around them to soothe them and it acts as a natural undereye cream. 

Apple peel

Apple peels are rich in vitamins, mineral and polyphenols so make sure you dont discard theM. Wash them very well if youre worried about the pesticides and wax. Eat the apple with the peel! 

Torai peel :

Torai has an ugly peel, yes but did you know it is what  can protect your liver, relieve constipation and weight loss? They are extremely healthy and full of dietary fibre. Dont peel it off, instead use the whole vegetable to make your sabzi. You can also make a delicious chutney out of it with coconut, tamarind, urad daal and curry leaves and sesame. 

Tea Leaves/Bags: 

Freeze the bags and apply on your eyes to reduce puffiness. 

Reboil used tea leaves and use the water to rinse off your hair after shampooing for shiny hair. 

Tea leaves are also used with henna to get natural red colour in the hair. 

Tea leaves also act as fertiliser for plants in your garden.

Beetroot pulp

Use the beetroot pulp extracted after juicing it for your mid morning juice snack for thickening and adding colour and a lot of nutrients to your daals, curries and even your parathas! 

Also, the pulp can be boiled and the burgundy colour that comes out is a natural hair dye. You can also use it to make natural water based Holi colour.

Found these interesting?

Send us more ideas and we’ll keep updating this  list.